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Looking for a new machine, new vending stock or want to find out if we have any specials on at the moment? Keep reading and don't forget to browse our full range using the menu on this page. If you have any requirements that you cannot find simply email and give us the details of what you are wanting to purchase.

New Sport Spin Capsules
A lot of fun, order now!

New Toy Capsules

Cute Furry Foxes

Cute Furry Foxes  |  RRP : R10
Magic Pens

Magic Pens  |  RRP : R10
Mermaids & Unicorns

Mermaid/Unicorn Mix  |  RRP : R10
Plush Mix

Plush Mix  |  RRP : R10
Pony Keyrings

Pony Keyrings  |  RRP : R10
Pull Back Bugs

Pull Back Bugs  |  RRP : R10
Hero Robot Erasers

Hero Robot Erasers  |  RRP : R10
Sports Spin Balls

Sports Spin Balls  |  RRP : R10
Squeezy Birds

Squeezy Birds  |  RRP : R10
Twisty Worms

Twisty Worms  |  RRP : R10
Charm Mix

Charm Mix  |  RRP : R10
Dino Mix

Dino Mix  |  RRP : R10
Emoji Wristbands

Emoji Wristbands  |  RRP : R10
Fancy Fun Tape

Fancy Fun Tape  |  RRP : R10
Girls Mix

Girls Mix  |  RRP : R10
Magnet Man

Magnet Man  |  RRP : R10
Patch Perfect

Patch Perfect  |  RRP : R10
Squishy Animals

Squishy Animals  |  RRP : R10
Sticky Animals

Sticky Animals  |  RRP : R10
Sticky Geckos

Sticky Geckos  |  RRP : R10

New Machines

Model: Flipper
Vends: Bouncing Balls
Coins: R5
Refurbished: Contact Us

Model: Red Racer
Vends: Gumballs
Coins: R5
Refurbished: Contact Us

Model: Yellow Sticker
Vends: Stickers & Tattoos
Coins: R5
Refurbished: Contact Us

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Pro Vending was started in 1993 and is the oldest and largest bulk vending company in Southern Africa. We have the experience, resources and infrastructure to help make your vending business venture a successful one. Vending represents an excellent small business opportunity as a second income or if you are looking to start your own business. We offer a wide range of new vending machines and stock as well as refurbished machines which are an affordable way to start a vending business in South Africa.