Vending Mechanism Conversions

Want to improve profitability of machines you own or are thinking of purchasing? At Pro Vending we are here to help and offer a range of services related to coin slot and vending dispensing mechanism conversions. If you would like a machine converted email and give us the details of what you are wanting and we will do our best to help.

R10 Coin Mechanism

We have increased our range of R10 vending items so why not upgrade your machines to vend for R10? As in the images the new mechanisms accept 2X R5 coins and can help you increase profits from your existing machines.

Mini Adapter

Call us today to order your mini adapter, and boost your profits. Pro Vending has developed a small insert, just pop it into the machine and bingo, your 45mm bounce ball machines can vend 38mm balls! Why change? Well, if a saving of R0.57 per ball vended excites you, then it is time for change. Extra saving - because the 38 mm balls are packed 600 in case, it saves transport, same size box with 50% more balls in it, brilliant!

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